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Welsh Marine Sector ‘Growing Fast’

Wales has a long coastline, so it should come as little surprise that the country has a thriving marine sector. However, one newspaper recently noted that there has been growth in this area in recent years.

The Rhyl Journal revealed that the marine sector is growing faster in Wales than in any other part of the UK at present, with boating generating an impressive £282 million for the local economy through tourism spend alone.

When you add in the £7.8 million spent by scuba divers, surfers and other watersports enthusiasts who visit Wales, it’s easy to see why Anglesey in North Wales has been chosen to host the new All-Wales Boat and Leisure Show.

The event is set to take place from 30 May to 1 June and will be held at the Anglesey Showground.

Davina Carey-Evans, organiser and managing director of Sbarc Event Management, explained that the show will bring industry leaders in boating and associated leisure products together.

She revealed that 17 of the best-known brands from the marine sector have already signed up to appear at the show, which she added is aimed at the middle of the market.

“This event is designed for the people who tow their boats behind their cars, not to mention the kayakers, surfers, wakeboarders and scuba divers. These are the people who do it for the fun of it,” Ms Carey-Evans stated.

As anyone who regularly spends time on the water will know, you need a range of equipment to stay safe. For those on boats, admiralty maps are a must. Although these can come in electronic form, one expert recently explained why it’s best to continue to carry a paper copy.

One of the problems with relying solely on electronic charts is that if you zoom in to get a closer look at a particular underwater feature, you can lose sight of the bigger picture.