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Britain To Be Hit By 60mph Winds As Cold Snap Arrives

Being up to date with the latest weather reports is essential for any boatman, which is why the news that Britain could be plummeted into freezing temperatures will be of interest.

According to the Met Office, mercury levels could dip to -5C over the next few days, thanks to a band of cold air making its way over to the UK from Scandinavia.

As well as this resulting in a high chance of icy, frost and snow across many parts of the country, due to a low-pressure system, it will also lead to very strong gales.

Winds with speeds of up to 60mph could be felt inland, with this figure likely to be even higher offshore.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna told The Sun: “Gales or severe gales with gusts up to 60mph in the west are expected into the weekend, with further heavy rain – and snow in the north.”

Huge waves have already been felt in East Sussex’s Newhaven, with stormy conditions likely to continue throughout the week.

However, those travelling north of the country will not only see blustery conditions, but extremely cold ones, with Scotland experiencing very low temperatures.

Forecaster for the Met Office Becky Mitchell told The Mirror it will be the coldest place in the UK “with highs of no more than two or three degrees”.

During volatile climate, it is essential to use good-quality marine navigation equipment in the UK. This will help sailors find a route if they are taken off track due to adverse weather conditions.

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