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5 Ways To Decorate With Antique Nautical Charts

Giving your home a bit of a makeover from time to time can be a lot of fun but unless you’re a professional interior designer, it can prove to be quite tricky to achieve the look you’re after. Decorating according to your particular likes and interests is a good way of making sure you’re going to like the end result.

If you’ve never thought about it before, antique nautical charts can actually make amazing wall art, easily transformed into unique pieces that will really help you put your stamp on your home.

You could, for example, invest in several pieces and use them in the glass panels of your French doors – the perfect way to display your maps while giving yourself a bit of privacy at the same time.

Alternatively, you could create a gallery wall in either your living or dining room, comprised of lots of different vintage maps – a serious talking point when you have guests coming over.

While you may not want to cut up and use old-school maps and charts in this way, another option for you could be to practise your papercraft skills and use the maps for decoupage, pasting them onto furniture to give it a new lease of life.

If you’re keen to have wallpaper with a difference, what about collecting lots of old charts and using them to cover a wall in a bedroom? If you choose maps with similar colour themes running through them, this is sure to look amazing.

You could also preserve them in frames and put some photos of your favourite travel destinations over the top – the perfect background for your holiday snaps! Check out more ideas over on Pinterest.

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