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Admiralty Small Craft Folios are now no longer available worldwide

This site will give you access to many thousands of genuine (not copied) navigation charts, admiralty maps and publications, in different formats. Our prices vary from as little as £5.00 (for cancelled charts) to £28.00 (the current cost of new British Admiralty charts).

To use this site, just ‘click’ on the area link shown on the right for the chart area you require, to go to that section. For further details about this site & the different price categories, please scroll down.

Our very popular Vintage Charts section is now divided into geographical areas, making it easier to find old charts of any areas that may interest you. Photos are included for every Vintage Chart, and these are priced from £17.95 ea upwards.


Please note that we are not open to the public for viewing our products, but clients can pre-book a date and time to collect their orders if preferred.  Please call 01933 441629 between 1000 and 1700 Monday to Friday to make these arrangements.

Within some sections you will have the opportunity to buy from 3 categories of chart or book. These are:

1) Cancelled – These pre-owned charts/books are no longer valid. They have either been withdrawn (charts with an ‘x’ suffix) or replaced by a newer edition of the same area, but not necessarily the same number. The information shown on the newer version may be considerably different to that of the cancelled version.


2) 2nd Hand (not up to date) – These are pre-owned charts, that are still the current edition. (not up to date) However, they may have been corrected to when they were last used by the ship that carried them, but they have not been updated by us since receipt. For navigation use, these charts will need to be fully corrected up to date by the purchaser.

3) New – These are new and unused charts, or books, where the charts are fully corrected to the date of purchase.